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When you're cleaning your kitchen, you need to make sure you're clearing away those germs to keep it nice and tidy, because the kitchen is where you prep and cook food! Improper cleaning can lead to bacteria and other aspects of contamination that can negatively affect your health. READ MORE >>

We hear it all day, every day: most of us are not drinking enough water. We know that we need it, but for one reason or another, we often fail to make it a priority. As a result, we may begin to notice changes in our sense of well-being. READ MORE >>

Erik Wahl Reminds Us That We’re All Artists “Make your lives a masterpiece, you only get one canvas.” -E.A. Bucchianeri Erik Wahl had it all figured out. As a child, he learned if he colored perfectly inside the lines he’d get an A. READ MORE >>

Here’s a scary — but true — statistic: A Secure Life reports that one in 36 homes will be burglarized in the United States this year. To prevent your home from becoming one of them, it’s important to know what burglars look for. Yours could be the perfect target without you even knowing it! READ MORE >>

It’s almost a sin to visit Italy or France and not put in some serious shopping. Who could imagine going to India or Japan and not bringing home spectacular souvenirs for yourself and your family? Whether it’s a treasured keepsake to remind you of your adventure, or just a really fantastic pair of boots, shopping can be one of the best parts of a vacation. READ MORE >>

Traveling with a credit card, in many ways, is safer than traveling with cash. With zero fraud liability, your losses are minimized if your credit card is lost or stolen. But even though using a credit card while traveling may be a safer bet, there are still some critical mistakes to watch out for. READ MORE >>

Video games are awesome. But playing video games too much? That can be a bad thing (or a good thing!), depending on how it breaks out. There are cases from all over the world of gamers playing too much for too long, and not surviving to actually reach the end credits. READ MORE >>

What the ‘Iron Nun’ Can Teach Us About Active Aging   “To change the world around you, give the world what you have, and serve the world with all you are.”– Printed on medal awarded for the World Harmony Run At what age is something just no longer possible? READ MORE >>

If you've ever dealt with an ant invasion, you know how disgusting they are and how much of a pain it is to get rid of them. It's like having an unwanted house party; somehow word gets out and things quickly get out of control. Thankfully, ants are a little easier to kick out than stubborn guests and even easier to lure and trap. READ MORE >>

When you're already making monthly payments on student loans, you might think saving money is out of the question. But in most cases, financial experts say you should still be saving even if you're in debt. READ MORE >>

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